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At first, glance, do the techie terms like HTML and HTML5 puzzle you? Keep on reading this blog, and by the end, these concepts will become simpler for you to understand. Let us understand it like this: we use a web browser for searching queries online. The relevant results are seen on a website’s web …

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How to build a Saas Application

How to Build a SaaS Application

Nowadays, we are frequently hearing the words “SaaS Application”, “SaaS Services”, “Saas-based Business Solutions”, “SaaS Model”, “SaaS Products”, and so on. Like me, hearing these words must be making you curious as well “What is SaaS?”, “What are SaaS Application Benefits?”, “What are Types of SaaS Software” and “How to Build a SaaS Application?”. I …

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Overview of CMS

Overview of CMS

Managing a business is a job full of the nitty-gritty. In that, the access, segregation, and organisation of the huge bulk of textual data is in itself another task. The Overview of CMS, which means Content Management System, that we are discussing in this blog, will help target and defuse this challenging aspect for businesses. …

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ML/AI in Business, Benefits and tips

ML/AI in Business, Benefits and Tips

Hey Alexa, Are you more intelligent than humans?  Alexa will entertain you with some uncanny answers.  From the customised advertisements on websites, chat-bots, captchas, or search engines like Google and Siri, you are deliberately and consciously made to interact with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of machines every waking moment of your life. Therefore, this blog …

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