Common Logo Design Mistakes

Logo Design Mistakes

Every business house, be it an MNC, a startup, an institution, or a regional shop, demands an impactful logo design to make a mark on its target audience. You may have just a small website presence or a vast online following.

A good logo is the one important element that attracts the audience’s interest in your product. 

But, like any creative and meaningful work, a logo designer is also bound to make one or other common logo design mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly

Thinking about how to avoid committing such mistakes? Do not worry, in this blog we will discuss how to address this very often-faced issue of Common Logo Design Mistakes. 

I know, like every company, you also wish to make your brand and services a major success, for which we will discuss some important tips to avoid such problems in this blog. 

So, let’s dive right into our topic as we have a lot to share, to address the critical logo design mistakes.

Key Takeaways

  • Common Logo Design Mistakes
  • Key Tips to Avoid Logo Design Mistakes 
  • Few Tips for Logo Designers and Companies to Avoid Logo Design Problems

7 Common Logo Design Mistakes

Copycat Brand Logos

While looking at the brands that use copycat logo designs to divert the customers of famous or known brands We must note that such tricks don’t capture the customer base of the other company for the copycat company’s progress. 

Copying others’ logo designs can only be a temporary and illusionary shortcut that is eventually bound to fail. Ultimately, quality wins, so being original should be our motto in logo designing.

Following Trends and Cliches

For intelligence, creativity, or idea-related products, using a bulb symbol, likewise, using a heart for emotional and spiritual products is a cliche. 

Following the trending logo designs and these commonplace logos without putting in the effort to express their uniqueness simply shows a lack of creativity and originality. The audience can’t differentiate such logos from one another, which directly or indirectly hurts the company.

Poor Colouring Scheme

A very bad contrasting colour palette is sure to make viewers lose interest in exploring the product at first glance. An amateur logo designer may not be well acquainted with the logic of colour psychology

Rather than attracting the customer’s interest in the services offered by the company, it has a repulsive effect on the brain and thus dislodges the customer from trying the products themselves.  

Wrong and Complicated Fonts

By publishing the logos without proofreading, wrong fonts may be produced in the whole product line, showing the bad work quality. lack of proper structure in logo design. 

On the other hand, complicating the fonts (like using terms like ™, ©, ℗, etc.) or logo design without proper structure, stresses the reader’s mind, and makes them lose interest in exploring the product itself. Remember, the brain loves symmetry and simplicity. Creativity is welcomed by the viewers, but readability is an understatement.

Mosaic of Concepts and Designs

In an effort to show all the values, concepts, or services offered by the company, too much detail and complexity in designs has a brain-wrecking effect on the customers. 

Rather than positively mobilising the target customers to try the products, it tends to have a stressful and repulsive effect. Thus failing to attract customers.

Lack of Research on Client’s Requirements, Customers and Competitors

Not being able to understand the client’s needs for the designs just delays the logo designing process and may eventually ruin the perspective of the graphic designer itself.

Better to avoid this hassle.

Not keeping up with the choices and trends that customers are appreciating and what the competitors in the market are using leaves you open to falling back on the trend and not being able to attract viewers to the brand.

Not Using Good Graphic Designers or Logo Designing Apps

This is a mistake that new businesses or startups often make in order to save some money. A poor-quality logo represents poor service and business ethics.

The logo, being a brand ambassador of your product, should remain authoritative in the market for a long time. Changing it again and again due to poor quality is not at all desirable.

Also, you don’t want to spend again and again on logo making. As we now know the root issues and mistakes in logo designing, we also must know how to avoid committing such mistakes.

So let us go and read all we need to know to solve these problems at once.

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How to avoid logo design mistakes 

First, let us look at some tips dedicated to logo designers, as we have a few pieces of advice for our dear companies in need of logos as well.

Tips for Logo Designers

Research Well

The best approach is to first research the logo design trends in the market or those liked by customers. Analyse the logos of your competitors. All you need to do is learn from them, take inspiration, and align your design with the meaning, essence, or services of the company.

Never ever forget your audience, think about what they will like while balancing your creative essence also.

Keep it As Much Simple As Possible

Design your logo, readable, simple, and complexity free.

Bring in uniqueness and creativity through colours, shapes, designs, fonts, font patterns, designs, etc, and not by making it complex and heavy in details. The point is that your logo design should not put stress on the viewer’s mind.

Good colour combinations

Implementation of colour psychology, using a proper soothing or warm primary and secondary colour combination, and matching the logo colours with the website or different platforms it is supposed to be published on, is bound to make a good impression on viewers and bring good results for your logo design.

Have a look at the below colour scheme wheels, referred to by graphic designers for logo designing.

Create an Inspirational Logo

A good logo designer seeks to inspire people by forwarding the essence of the company and its aim for the respective services the company offers.

Creating a story or message around the logo is also an effective logo.

Also, it must be kept in mind to not make the logo literal. For example, this Amazon logo with the arrow from “A” to “Z” symbolises its products ranging from A to Z in commodities.

Create Logos As Per Platform

what platform is going to be used, how will it look, whether it is hoardings, websites, posts, merchandise, dummies, etc? Should be kept in mind so that the logo gets highlighted easily and makes a strong impression on the viewers.

Smoothness in the Logo Design

Make sure not to keep highlighting sharp edges or corners in your logo, be it a typography logo or a pictorial logo. Sharpness gives a serious and offensive feeling to the customers. This makes a negative impression on the company.

So, it’s always good to avoid such a mistake. Such logos are fine to use for competitive sports but not for other commercial companies.

A Balanced Logo

Always try to make sure that the logo is equipped with balanced elements, be it colours, font size, font style, sketches, designs, etc. That is, the font size shouldn’t dominate the logo colours or the dimensions of the logo. Bring a balanced approach to your logo elements.

As we have already noted in the tips dedicated exclusively to our logo designers, we have a few important tips for the companies mentioned down below. 

Few Tips for Logo Designers and Companies to Avoid Logo Design Mistakes

  • The way you present the logo to the client/company is important, so discuss their perspective and consider their inputs before you start, to avoid lots of amendments later on.
  • The graphic designer should be able to either convey his message properly or else convince the client with a proper explanation. So, understand your design properly.
  • Always 1st draft can’t be the perfect one. So, create 4-5 variations of the same logo design and select one that the client finds apt. 
  • Don’t stick to one idea for the design, model, or symbolic aspiration. Consult your team members and take feedback from a customer’s point of view. This will increase the acceptance rate of your design.
  • Don’t stress too much about the logo variations. Let the logo design inspiration flow and make it come easily to you. Otherwise, it will complicate the design and will make the impression less attractive. 
  • Put your ideas first, maintain your creativity and originality, and balance them with the client’s demands. The point is not to lose the message you wanted to convey. 
  • Also, try not to put your imagination into a box, as it may hamper your creativity and flexibility in logo designing.
  • Invest in good graphic designers or logo designing apps for the long term, as it brings a quality output. A poor quality logo which lacks to capture the company’s philosophy may lead to bad acceptance or no appreciation from the audience, or the logo may fall behind by not being able to cover the company’s wide range of services. This ultimately requires you to keep redesigning your logos, wasting lots of time and money on the logo itself.
  • So, use good professionals or a logo maker app: based on the cost-benefit analysis. A few examples of logo-making apps are freepik, iStock, Shutterstock and Wix.


Although a good graphic designer always seeks to create a well-appreciated and perfect logo, like any artwork, a logo design can never be a piece of perfection. But in this process of giving the best logo designs that resemble the soul of the company, the common mistakes that are bound to occur, which we have discussed in this blog, are the ones that we must acknowledge and avoid. 

Designing does not work in a limited shell; it’s an art as big as a big milky way galaxy. Always try to push the limits of your creativity and offer timeless logos.

So let us try at least to avoid these often committed mistakes and develop unique and creative logo designs to impart strong impressions of your logos and make them stay longer in your audience’s mind. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be avoided when making a logo?

Making complex designs, lots of details, not analysing the trends, poor colour palettes, mosaics of messages, investing in amateur graphic designers or poor quality logo-making apps in order to save money are some of the logo mistakes that a good logo designer and company will seek to avoid.

What makes a logo outdated?

Going for the literal representation of the products, not doing proper research of the trends, not researching the services and motto of the company, and not updating the technology of logo making makes the logo designs fall behind the market demands.

What are the three rules of good logo design?

The three rules that every logo designer should follow should be: simplicity and readability of logo design; proper research of trends, audience and competitors; and convincing your client to understand your logo.

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