Freelancer vs IT Service Provider

Freelancer vs IT service providers

Outsourcing is emerging as one of the highly efficient means of cutting overall expenses and enhancing the quality of final products for an emerging variety of companies. 

Although the positives of outsourcing entice many businesses to pursue this profitable option

One key concern remains:

To whom should I Outsource?

A freelancing Individual or a company?

In this blog, you will the Difference between Freelancer and IT Service Provider

To overcome this problem, take a deeper look at the advantages of each accessible solution and then develop a more informed conclusion.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what a Freelancer does?
  • Know what IT Service providers do and the benefits of hiring them.
  • Differentiate between Freelancer vs IT Service Provider
  • Have clarity about what to choose? A Freelancer or an IT Services Provider 

What does a Freelancer do?

Freelancers are often self-employed and might even operate for many clients at once.

A freelancer works on many projects for various clients at one time.

A freelancer must manage personal responsibilities, schedule, and workload, as well as their finances.

IT specialised Freelancers can find work in web design, UX/UI design, bot creation(which is a good deal of fun), game design, professional writing, and other fields.

They may also be able to undertake independent consulting in specialist domains such as online security, computer vision, or cryptocurrencies, provided they complete some study or industry experience.

What does IT Service Provider do?

What does IT Service Provider do

There are several descriptions of the tasks a managed IT service provider performs.

Still, the ideal one is a business that acts as the responsible manager, constantly maintaining and monitoring a firm’s IT systems while possessing the necessary skills.

This organisation pays a monthly fee for this provider to undertake these activities.

MSPs also provide comprehensive packages that include technology and software upgrades, disaster recovery and backup restoration, firewall tracking, records management, information security, cloud computing, vulnerability scanning, and any other solutions that keep a customer’s technology running properly.

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Advantages of Freelancers

Let us begin with the undeniable advantages of employing a freelancer.


When dealing with a single individual, that person is solely accountable for both themselves and their particular work area.

This information greatly facilitates communication.

A freelancer cannot be able to inform you that they are running late due to another person.


The freelancer may consider charging for various services, but in the end, customers are just paying for the task itself.

Other charges will always be added to the bill by the firm.

As a result, in the great majority of circumstances, engaging a freelancer will be cheaper than hiring a firm.


Freelancers are driven to do excellent work quickly.

They understand that exceeding your goals and being dependable are beneficial.

They desire to get the work done and do not have time to squander workplace conflicts.


Working at strange hours is great for freelancers.

They are not required to function during work time. They may maintain your website throughout the night, develop code whenever they want, and upload social networking feeds first thing in the morning.

You only need to be precise about what you’d like done, and they will choose the best time to complete the service.

Advantages of IT Services Provider

First and foremost, you must recognise that one individual can only accomplish so much.

A corporation will constantly be able to offer a greater variety of services and propose over one option. A business also has access to all the resources and techniques needed to construct and maintain a webpage.

So, let us briefly review the benefits of hiring an outsourcer

Ongoing Assistance

A web design business will not forsake you after your site is ready. They will be available to you for ongoing assistance.

In contrast, a solitary programmer may not possess all the resources and time required to assist you in keeping your site operational for a prolonged time.

Collective Wisdom

Many professionals will serve you. Your final product would be created by experts in several fields, including architecture, coding, video creation, and content creation.

Customizable Back-End

Your webpage may not show or work properly on all platforms if the proper code is not used.

The back-end designed specifically for your site’s requirements will ensure smooth operation and make subsequent fine tweaking easy.

World-class service

There are hardly any award-winning web pages among some of the work of freelancers.

Teams create stylish, quick, seamless, and attractive products. Hiring a freelancer for anything except a spiced-up template is generally not a choice.

Difference between Freelancer and IT Service Provider 

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and drawbacks of freelancing and outsourcing businesses.

Let’s create a detailed comparison to determine who triumphs in each aspect of web design.

Aspects of DevelopmentFreelancerCompany
Range of ServicesNarrowerBroader
Process ControlDirectIndirect
Concerns About ConfidentialityHigher riskLower risk
Post-Launch AssistanceRarely providedAlways provided
RatesEmployee SalaryEmployee Salary + Administrative Fees
ExpertiseOne Specific AreaCollective Specialisation
End ProductMinimum ViableWorld-Class

What to choose? Freelancer vs IT Services Provider 

Who is the most suitable for app development?

Application development might appear to have a narrower scope than website development.

An app is designed to work in a single context and does not need to be optimised for every browser, device, or system software. In addition, unlike web pages, there are many instances of successful applications created by freelancers.

So, when it comes to app creation, you have about a 50/50 chance of success. Choose a freelancer if you require a basic app and want it to be delivered quickly.

You must hire a business to contend with market giants if you want your app to contend with market giants.

Which Is the Best for Website Development?

The process of creating and building a decent website is difficult and multi-staged.

The decision between whether to engage a freelancer or a full-service website development business is strongly influenced by your goals for the finished website.

Do you desire a website that only functions as a presenter?

Do you wish to put your company concept to the test and see how the market reacts?

Do you want to build a website rapidly while keeping costs low?

Employing a freelancer may be an option for you.

You must, however, keep a few things in your mind. A website created by a freelancer would only suit one function.

It will be unable to grow, expand, or upgrade. It won’t be supported indefinitely and will be unable to adapt to changing modern web. This is the reason we advise you to hire a firm.

You will acquire a solution capable of achieving numerous objectives for your expanding firm for several years if you spend more time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are freelancers considered service providers?

Freelancer Services are pre-made projects with a pre-determined budget and timetable that freelancers may work on as a service provider. To become a service provider, you must satisfy the following requirements: You are enrolled in a premium membership plan.

What is the distinction between freelancing and working?

Full-time employees benefit from the stability of a contract of employment, a consistent work routine, and a regular salary, which allows them to prepare for the future. Freelancers are not compensated for every day they need not work, and there is often no promise of work for the following week or day.

What are the drawbacks of freelancing?

Your workload and revenue may vary from each month and be challenging to forecast, especially if you are just starting out. Large income fluctuations might make budgeting tough. Furthermore, as a freelancer, you are not eligible for incentives, awards, or corporate recognition.

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