7 Highest Paying Design Jobs in India

highest paying design jobs

Find the Highest Paying Design Jobs, to help your creativity be of industrial productivity.

Humans developed Design Intelligence nearly 2.5 million years ago.

It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way. Designs help communicate what words simply can’t.

In our tech-savvy world where everyone is glued to their screens, design becomes a crucial task to catch the user’s attention.

You can think of Social Media as a battleground for attention. Every brand, every company, and every organisation is using creative designs to connect with their audience.

The metaverse has also opened the gates for designers in the 3D space, allowing them to create a more holistic environment for the people in that space.

Let’s dive into the Highest Paying Design Jobs in India.

Highest Paying Design Jobs In India

Key Takeaways

  • Get a blueprint for the career path of becoming a designer.
  • Learn about the future scope of design.
  • Learn about the highest-paying design jobs in India.

How to Become a Designer?

How to Become a Designer

The most important aspect of acquiring a creative job like a Designer is Creativity.

Well, you already knew that, but people underestimate the amount of effort and hits and trials that go into becoming a designer.

Most designers often start young and pursue their passion for drawing, painting, and sketching.

However, when it comes to pursuing a professional career as a Designer, anyone with a bachelor’s degree can become a Designer.

But is becoming a Designer a fulfilling career in the coming future?

The Future Scope of Designing

We will always have and always need designers!

There is no shortage of opportunities in designing, no matter the domain you choose, such as fashion, websites, or graphics.

Designing jobs aren’t limited to just creative domains but to practical domains as well, like vehicle designers. construction planners and so on.

Designing is like an ocean of opportunities with different roles and responsibilities at different depths.

Think about it. Everything you have on you right now, from your phone to your clothes, was designed by someone, and so was this webpage.

Creativity and opportunities don’t pay the bills if you’re serious about pursuing your career in Designing. Below are the Highest Paying Design Jobs in India.

Highest Paying Design Jobs in India

Let’s be real, Money is one of the major motivators to choose a career option for the majority of people.

What better Job, where you do what you love while earning a good figure at the same time!

So here’s a list of the highest-paying design jobs in India:

UI/UX Designers

UI and UX refer to User Interface and User Experience, respectively. The job requires you to think from the user’s point of view to generate an interface compatible with your target audience.

Average Salary of UI/UX Designers in 2022:

Average salary of UI/UX Designers

Product Designers

Pizza comes in a square box, is round, and we eat it in triangles. Well, everything around us is designed by product designers. Cost, design, shape, colour, they deal with it all while designing the most economical products.

Average Salary of Product Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Product Designers

Game Designers

We’ve all been a part of the experience that games offer; the adrenaline rush, and the communication with our friends. Game Designers are designers working on the back end to make the games look more appealing and interactive.

Average Salary of Game Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Game Designers

Industrial Designers

Industrial Designers combine the knowledge of learning and use their creative skills to enhance designs required by that particular industry. Like Vehicle Designers would need to understand the various components of a vehicle to effectively create the best design for the same.

Average Salary of Industrial Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Industrial Designers

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers come up with interactive posts to engage with their target audience in an effective manner through channels like social media. Graphic Designers also work closely with UI/UX designers and Front-End developers when designing a website.

Average Salary of Graphic Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Graphic Designers

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Interior Designers

Interior Designers are individuals who work closely with their clients to determine the perfect aesthetic for their interiors depending on various factors like client needs, whether the space is in an office or a home, and many more.

Average Salary of Interior Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Interior Designers

Fashion Designers

Every article of clothing we wear today is mostly designed by a Fashion Designer, who works in the Fashion industry designing, sketching, and staying up to date with the current fashion trends to help produce designs according to their customers.

Average Salary of Fashion Designers in 2022:

Average Salary of Fashion Designers


A creative domain is like an ocean of endless possibilities; there are no limitations to innovation.

Design, Redesign, there’s no end to it. This is what makes a career in Design an evergreen career that will always be in demand.

Designers are also often under a lot of pressure to come up with new designs and interactive ways to promote their products.

Now, that you’re well aware of the opportunities you may have in design, Design Away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the highest-paying design jobs in India?

Here’s a list of the highest-paying design jobs in India:

UI/UX Designers
Product Designers
Game Designers
Industrial Designers
Graphic Designers
Interior Designers
Fashion Designers

What is the scope of design?

Designing will always have a scope in the future as everything around us has been designed by someone.

Is Design a Good Career Option?

Design can be a fulfilling career option for someone looking to work in a creative domain. The pay is good for experienced designers. However, designers need to work under a lot of pressure.

What type of Designers is in demand?

Motion Graphic Designers are the most in-demand as companies are pushing more videos and reels as they are more engaging to their audience.

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