How to Increase User Engagement on a Website?

User engagement on a website


When deciding to create a creative, successful website, you should always keep in mind user engagement.

It’s not only about the look of the website/creative design. It’s also about how engaging it is with the users.

Let’s say that a user lands on your website, and you want them to read the content that interacts with the pages & clicks.

To build a successful website, the term goes much deeper than you think, i.e. you should know how to provide maximum engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • The meaning of User Engagement.
  • Ways to Increase User Engagement.

Let’s begin with the meaning of User Engagement.

What is User Engagement?

user engagement on a website

In layman’s language, let me explain when users visit your website and appreciate that your content satisfies the person, i.e. the user is absorbing and converting into a loyal customer.

Note that when the user engagement is high, you will notice more return visits and higher sales conversions because your company website is conveying correctly.

As you have understood the meaning of user engagement, let me give you the top eight ways to Increase User Engagement on the website.

8 Ways to Increase User Engagement on the website

Make your site faster to Load

Make your site faster to Load

Your website should load instantly for users if they expect them to stay on-site and engage on various website clicks. Even one-second declines can harm user engagement and conversions.

To analyse your website’s current load speed, you can log in to Google Analytics

Improving the linking structure

Improving the linking structure

It would be best to have a descriptive anchor text-specific and relevant to the individual landing page to improve user engagement. The most important thing is that the links should work, i.e. make sure it doesn’t lead somewhere before putting it on the internet.

Lengthen Your Text

Lengthen Your Text

As per MailChimp, the pages with more than two thousand words tend to experience the highest engagement. In a simple sense, more content = more visitors.

This means not expanding your idea in depth but providing quality, educative content that allows value to your users.

Display related content

Display related content

Have you observed e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and more? The users who visit these eCommerce companies keep browsing and buying.

I think you missed a line.

Add a Chatbot

A chatbot is an essential tool that helps to bring even the cold customer. Your chatbot will be available to help the users 24/7 through a chatbox. 

Insert photos and names into your chat box to make it more representative. By this, users will not think that they are not talking to a robot the whole time.

Note – To make sure that you notify the users when no one is available to accept live queries.

Always keep regularly checking & analysing the transcript of the chatbox to improve the interaction tactics with future website users.

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Mobile Friendly

Add a Chatbot

Use Google’s Mobile-friendly testing tool to analyse whether your website works on all the devices.

This Google tester will let you know whether you are mobile-friendly and provide you with a few suggestions to improve on.

Be Clear on Expectations

Be Clear on Expectations

Remember to never expect your users to know what you want from them.

On your website, when the user is interested in submitting a form, entering their email address, or clicking a button to learn more, mention enough rules for anyone to understand.

Break Your Content

Break Your Content

Some people take time to read a block of text, especially one up to 3000 words in length.

Break the content using necessary keywords and enrich the subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, and many short paras.

You can also break the content by using relevant videos and images. In this process, you add value to your content.

Let’s say that there are users who scan your site rather than read it. Think about these types of users and rewrite your web pages.

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Final Thoughts

Increasing user engagement on your webpage can be a difficult task.

You may be compelled to admit to yourself that your site is unsightly or too cluttered or that the material on your site is too small or not valuable enough.

You don’t have to make significant, potentially dangerous, or costly design modifications. Increasing engagement gradually over time is preferable.
If you need any suggestions for revamping your website, visit us!

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