Difference Between IT Solutions, IT Services and IT Consulting

IT Solutions, IT Services and IT Consulting

We usually get confused with these words and sometimes use them interchangeably, right? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. But really!!

It won’t be that much of a difference between IT Consulting, IT services and IT Solutions.

No, there is a huge difference between these three. I will explain to you in detail each of these topics.

Key Takeaways

  • What are IT Solutions? 
  • Meaning of IT Services 
  • Learn what IT Consulting is 
  • Difference Between IT Solutions, IT Services, and IT Consulting
  • When you Need IT Consulting 
  • Need for IT Services 
  • When are IT Solutions needed? 

What are IT Solutions?

What are IT Solutions?

When IT services are outsourced to a different company, they help you provide solutions to your IT problems. Basically, they handle all your needs related to IT. These companies use “solutions” as a label to indicate that they provide solutions to your IT-related problems.

In an IT solutions company, the employees are experts in the field. So there are minimal chance of a mistake. IT solutions help you take a load off your shoulders, as they include all their services in one package and are cost-effective for all businesses.

What are IT Services?

What are IT Services?

In a nutshell, IT services are information technology-related services that require computing expertise to enable day-to-day business operations.

Without the help of IT services, a company won’t be able to grow its online presence.

It is next to impossible because IT-managed services help you design, develop, and efficiently run software that no other service will help you with. It also helps your website to be user-friendly and makes it as secure as possible.

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What is IT Consulting?

What is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting is an advice-providing service that helps you analyze different IT strategies and provides you with a plan to tackle major tech-related problems in your business with the help of their experience and expertise. It will lead to enhanced focus on your core business.

Difference Between IT Solutions, IT Services and IT Consulting

ParameterIT SolutionsIT ServicesIT Consulting
What they provideProvides you with IT services as well as IT Consulting.It implements the strategy and advice that IT consultants have given.It creates a business strategy and gives the advice to improve the existing strategy.
How each of them worksIn this, you outsource all your work related to IT and get additional benefits that an in-house team won’t be able to provide. For example, 24/7 support in case of any emergencies.You have to hire in-house IT experts to proceed with services that help to enable day-to-day operations.Here, you can either hire IT Consultants or you can proceed to either outsource it to an IT Consulting company or IT solutions company which will help you with a one-stop solution for all your IT needs.
Cost-effectivenessIt provides the most cost-effective solution and a great ROI for a company.Hiring in-house is less cost-effective because hiring IT experts is expensiveIn this too, you can hire IT Consultants which will be expensive or outsource your work to IT consultant company to be much more cost-effective.

When do you Need IT Solutions?

As we know, we need IT services, but having an in-house IT team is too expensive. So, for this, you need to outsource the work to an IT solutions company that will provide you with a better ROI. Other benefits that you will receive:

  • It helps you cut down on expenses
  • 24/7 support so that you can rely on them during emergencies
  • A solid backup strategy
  • High-End Security
  • It keeps you up to date 

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When do you Need IT Services?

If you wish to have or grow the online presence of your business, then you definitely need IT services for it. Hiring an in-house IT support team is one way of doing it. But it is better for large companies as they have a bigger capital to invest for the in-house IT experts. The benefits of having an in-house IT support team are:

  • You can develop the skills of your IT team
  • They will be committed to the company and its success.
  • They understand the company’s approach and goals much better.

When do you Need IT Consulting?

When you think your business is not utilizing its resources properly by its IT, then opting for consulting services is the best option for you to reverse it and get your business back on track. IT Consulting helps to:

  • They help you to save costs in your project
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Get experienced IT professionals on board


IT plays an important role in businesses today. You cannot afford to rule it out. Whether it is IT consulting or IT managed services, in my opinion, a business needs both. Opting for IT solutions is the best option today as it solves your overall IT needs and, in addition, yields you a much better ROI. Need world-class IT solutions at your fingertips? Check out our website to know more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What are the services that IT Solutions provides?

1. Graphic design
2. Logo design
3. User Interface
4. User Experience

1. Mobile Applications
2. Web Applications
3. Website
4. Desktop Applications

2. What services do IT Consulting companies provide?

Some of the IT Consulting services are:

1. Strategy and planning of IT services
2. Project Management
3. IT experts who have a lot of experience in the industry
4. End-to-End Assistance
5. Services for IT Leadership

3. Is it better to hire in-house IT experts or outsource work to IT Solutions?

It is much better to outsource your services to IT solutions, as it will not only help you cut expenses, it will help in:

1. Maintenance & Support 
2. Cloud Services
3. Design, Develop & Deploy
4. Keeps you updated with the latest technology
5. A Centralized Infrastructure for all your applications and servers
6. Consultation

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