Logo Design Trends

Logo design trends

For marketing any brand of a company, the logo works as an exclusive brand ambassador, which outreaches every nook and cranny of the world

If we see a bitten apple, Apple Inc. comes to mind; if we see a big curved M, we think of McDonald’s; if we see three overlapped rings, Audi is the first thing we think of. 2023 Logo Design Trends are also targeting the same strategy. 

To stick these logos in the minds of the viewers, the trends of the logos are a must to be known to you. Get acquainted with them, learn from them, not follow them. These trends are the defining standards of ingenuity, elegance, and conformity to the times in ​​2023.

Wondering how to learn from these trends? This blog will exactly answer this question of yours.

Let us delve right into the craze of trending logos that makes you glance at them three times and wonder twice about which company they belong to. 

Key Takeaways

  • The meaning of a logo design in 2023 and its evolution.
  • Beneficial trending tips for logo designing.
  • The key aspects to adhere to while designing logos in this era.
  • The current trends in logo designing used by present companies.

First things first, we will try to understand what a logo design is and how logo designs are evolving in 2023 over a period of time. 

What is Logo Design in 2023?

We are very well acquainted with the fact that the tradition of logo designs has been going on since the Egyptians, who used to depict the status of various nobilities with images of Coats of Arms

With the emergence of business houses, they started using logos with the same aim as we see today, i.e., a logo design became a creative symbol or phrase, helping us to identify a specific brand or service.

From the 1900s to 2023, we see a tremendous transformation in logo designs in terms of font, size of logo, rearrangement of the wordmark, and design. Updating the colour scheme, modernising the design, or a mix of these are used to redesign the form.

2023 is also here with the same goal but with a new look and a fresh creative tinge in its box of trending logo designs. 

The 2023 logo designs are more into the usage of well-known font types with new styles of layering, stylising a letter in between, or blurring the fonts, and a focus on increased simplicity and readability

The minimalist trend of using thin lines, and applying a combination of gradient and 3D logos in strikingly appealing and vibrant colours are also piquing viewers’ interest and are likely to be in a timeless trending loop.

The striking feature of 2023 logo trends is bringing back the vintage style of logos from 1930s cartoons and neon and pixels from the 1980s, attempting to trigger a vintage and nostalgic feeling with an impactful impression on the viewers.

Having noticed all these new elements, there is also a fresh take on natural and pastel colours in its colour palette, sketches, scribbles, doodle freestyle logos, and many more distinct features of 2023 trends.

As logos have evolved since the inception of the concept of branding, a few tips have become important to keep us learning along with the changing trends.

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What are the Trending Tips for Logo Design in 2023? 

Here are a few tips to look at to make your logo appealing with strong impressions in the memories of the target audience:

Create Understanding With your Customers

Understanding your audience, what matters to them, and the elements that trigger their emotions helps you communicate your message effectively. Make sure that viewers absorb the elements of your design and the message you want to express.

Be Updated on Trending Designs

Upgrade yourself with trends, check market trends, analyse them, and give your own creative tinge by experimenting with the logo elements along with the trends.

Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS Principle)

Logos are the definition of less is more. They must be kept simple, clear, less detailed, dynamic, and clumsiness-free, along with readability and eye-catching. This stimulates the viewers to connect more with what you want to convey.

Share your Values

Communicate the values of your company to the customers by channelising them through your logos so that they can feel connected to the products and increase the brand value. 

Design Around the Brand Identity

Express what matters to the company most and create a strong brand identity. Ultimately, it’s the essence of your brand that influences the customer’s choices.

Use a Simple Colour Palette

Use primary and secondary colours according to the emotions you want to elicit. Colours have a psychological effect, triggering emotions and creating a bond with the buyer, thus encouraging impulsive buying.

Making your Brand Outstand among your Competitors

For this, you must know your competition to make your brand stand out and attract more customers. Learn from others’ designs and create iconic, unique, and smart logos for impactful positive initial impressions.

Don’t be Literal in the Representation of the Product

Create a different descriptive image through your logos that highlight the values of the brand, not just the particular product. This will support a whole range of products and embrace a multi-set of customers.

Make It Memorable and Original

While the company’s products will fill the gap present in the market, the logos are timeless and express what matters to the company. A unique logo can create long-lasting first impressions that will determine the consumer’s interest in the product.

Using Negative Space Effectively to Stimulate any Symbolic Meaning

This makes customers think of the meaning and understand it, and, in a way, makes the bond strong with the brand. But keep the detailing low so as not to stress the viewer with the complexity of the designs. Simplicity is an understatement.

Keep Experimenting and Don’t Settle with Just one Logo Design

Keep trying new elements in the logos and select the one that accurately portrays the company. Creating variations (like different sizes, proportions, animated logos, logos for merchandise, etc.) of the logo for different platforms is a trend, as they can be stitched on clothes, hoardings, or printed, and thus increasing their reach to a wider audience.

Keep Experimenting and Don't Settle With Just One Logo Design

Give a Short and Crisp Tagline

The tagline must be authentic to the business. If it is lyrical, simple, and easy, it helps stick in the target audience’s memory. Creative taglines are a sure shot medium to establish a strong connection with the audience.

Create a Story Around your Company and the Logo

This will boost positive emotions around your brand and build recognition. For example, Amazon’s underlined arrow signifies that they sell everything from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.

Having known the key aspects to heed while designing your logo, let us go through the current logo trends that are hot in the market.

Logo Design Trends in 2023

The logo is a visual and symbolic representation of the brand, so it must keep updating along with the company’s new goals and products while expressing its ethos. 2023 trends have led to the creation of a variety of creative logos to justify the philosophy of logos. Let us have a look at the trending ones. 

1. 3D Gradient Logos

Adding 3D elements to the designs gives motion and depth gradients and a smart and elegant look to the logos. The colour palette looks dynamic, pleasant, and vibrant. This is a new favourite of graphic designers.

2. Retro-designed Logos

According to market science, the designs from the 1980s have a deeply appealing effect on the emotions of consumers. It creates nostalgia, making consumers retry the products thinking to be in touch with the old memories attached to the products.

3. Blurred and Glitch Logos

The creativity catches consumers’ eyes, and the blurring and glitch effects demand that they focus more, thereby making a strong impression on the consumer’s minds.

4. Line-Outline Logos

These minimalist logos are simple and artistic, creative, subtle, elegant, and easily readable. This shows the casual nature of the company and that it is readily accessible to the customers.

5. Quirky Logos

These logo designs use aesthetics, eye-catching pictures, or cartoon figures to showcase their uniqueness in their fields.

6. Bold, Vivid and Vibrant Colours

Understand the science of colours aiming to create an impression on the customers that soothes their minds, bringing fresh and dynamic impressions to the product services offered.

7. Animated Variable Logos

Based on the platform or use of the logo, different variations in different styles are in trend. This increases the outreach of the logo and thus increases the brand identity.

8. Hand Dots

This logotype emerged in 2023. It is a fresh design that uses dots to fill in the details of the pictorials used, giving a different character to the logo.

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As the year 2023 is ending, one thing is certain for both companies and designs: those that adapt to and welcome the changing trends and will race headlong into the new future are sure to succeed. You may run parallel to this trend or stay behind. 

Let us not be mere followers of trends but adapt to the trends along with our tinge of creativity in logo designing and boost business to new heights.

There is inspiration all around you, and the future, at least in terms of design, is promising. So, keep logoing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the logo trends of 2023?

Thin and minimalist lines, 3D gradients, blurred and glitch logos, pastels, neon, and pixels, quirky logos, and animated and retro-designed logos from the 1930s are some of the primary trends for 2023, all of which aim to leave viewers with everlasting impressions.

How do you make a logo in 2023?

Mainly graphic designers use Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. Nowadays, many apps and software are available for free, which any person can use to create their own logos. You need not be a graphic designer to use these simple, easy-to-use applications. Some examples are Canva, Figma, Wix, Adobe, etc.
The other option is to assign the logo designing project to professionals along with your requirements.

What is the latest trend in logo design?

Blurring and Glitch logos, hand dots, and 3-D gradient logos are some of the latest trending designs. The gradients implant layering techniques with various patterns, forms, textures, and colours to offer depth, balance, and contrast to a design. The addition of a logo layer creates a unified, stylish look that attracts the attention of the viewers.

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