Overview of 6G Technology

overview of 6g technology

If you live in a country like India, Russia, or Mexico, you must be thinking, we haven’t even seen 5G yet, and you are talking about an overview of 6G technology. 

Yes, that is because 72 countries, such as South Korea, the USA, China and Japan, had already launched 5G back in 2019, and now the world is headed towards 6G, the next decade’s technology. But the point remains the same: 5G is barely commercialised in many parts of the world. If its commercialisation is in the initial year, then why are we even discussing 6G?

Let’s find out. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Everything you need to know about 6G. 
  • Learn the 6G advantages. 
  • Know all the Differences between 5G and 6G. 
  • Learn about What the future of 6G technology is. 

What is 6G Technology?

6G is the sixth generation of wireless communication. The 1st generation of wireless networks made phone calls possible, and 5G connects all IoT devices and makes functioning virtual reality smoother.

Even though 6G does not yet exist, It is currently under development. 6G will further transform our virtual experience with wireless communication, from the Internet to IoT, from smart homes to smart cities; it will reshape everything as a technology. 

The upgradation in technology from 5G to 6G will be much higher and faster than what we saw in the transition from 4G to 5G.

5G vs 6G Technology


5G and 6G use a wireless spectrum of higher range for data transmission; the current 5G standard covers frequency bands between approximately 0.4 GHz and 114 GHz.

6G will operate at terahertz frequency bands from 95 GHz to 3 THz.


5G technology: 40 Up to 1,100 Mbps

6G technology: Up to 1 Tbps (1,000,000 Mbps)

When we talk about 5G vs 6G technology, 6G is 100 times faster than 5G technology. 

Low latency

Latency means the time taken to transfer the information through frequency waves between the sender and the receiver. 

The lower the latency, the better. 5G latency is 5 milliseconds, and  6G internet latency will drop down to a range of 1 millisecond to 1 microsecond. 

Future Scope of 6G Technology

Wondering what is the future scope of 6G, or why we even need it? 

The answer is simple: to facilitate the next generation of technology, for example, a system of self-driving cars, we need the next generation of network-ready now. 

3G and 4G internet networks made much of the mobile-related industry new normal for us, including video streaming, gaming, social media, etc. 5G sowed the seed, and 6G technology will carry forward a smooth and efficient network of automatic cars, AI-empowered drones, augmented reality with metaverse, remote robotic surgery, sea exploration, holographic reality, etc. 

6G Technology Features and Advantages

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication.
  • Support a higher number of devices.
  • Faster speed and higher coverage than a standard cellular network. 
  • Extensive role in IoT device connectivity. 
  • Low potency of frequency.

When will 6G Come Out?

6G is expected to be available around 2030, although there is no fixed launch date. It is just a rough estimate. Currently, 6G is in its initial research and development stage. Leading telecom companies like Samsung and Qualcomm are working on it and have published research on 6G.    

Will 6G Replace Wi-Fi?

5G is very, very fast, but 6G is 100 times faster than 5G. In the upcoming time, if Wi-Fi routers do not increase their speeds and make their potency lower, they might get replaced.

As 6G technology is currently taking its shape, Wi-Fi also continues to learn from the cellular networks,  so nothing can be set in stone; what is fixed is that 6G will enable end-users to access a variety of high-end services seamlessly and instantly in real-time.

Next What? 7G

Analysts estimate the following timeframes: 2020 for 5G; 2030 for 6G, and 2040 for 7G. Overall, what we know is very little about 7G and are only speculations compared to the previous networks while knowing little about the division for 6G. 

Whatever another G comes out, it will make things super fast, instant, and everything will be just available without a moment. 

Conclusion of 6G Technology

After so much technological advancement, with 4G and now 5G, do we really need 6G? 

My answer is yes!

Looking backwards in time excites me for the future! 3G and 4G gave us the digital world we live in today. 6G will make the metaverse as common as the digital world we live in now. You all will agree that we all want to peek into the future and see how we all will be hooked up to the meta world as we are to our smartphones now.  

Let’s wait and see what 6G will unfold for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who invented 6G technology?

No one person or country invented the 6G; many companies collectively are working on building the 6G, like Samsung, Ericsson, Huawei, LG, etc.

When was 6G launched in the world?

6G has not been launched yet. It is expected to be launched around 2030.

Which country is testing 6G?

6G is being tested in countries such as India, the United States, South Korea, Japan, China, and the European Union.

Which country first launched 6G?

China is successfully leading, as they have launched “the world’s first 6G satellite”.

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