7 Secret Meaning Behind Logo Colors

Secret meaning behind logo colors

Business-minded people tend to create new businesses, and that’s fine, but what type of logo is being done according to the company and its audience matters a lot.

On top of this, the color used for creating a logo matters the most.

Here is the list of logos that the audience liked and that served the purpose of what they produce/manufacture/provide service.

In this blog, find out the 7 secret meaning behind logo colors.

Secret Meaning Behind Logo Colors

Selecting the colors according to the brand always matters. So let’s take an example of Mcdonald’s – they have an arch of “M” which is painted in yellow – if it were in blue or white colour the logo would create an improper influence in the minds of the consumers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Know more about the secret meaning behind logo colors
  • Psychology in colors
  • The meaning of all the seven colors and dependency on the logo.
  • Most popular colors that can be used for businesses
  • The secret meaning behind logo colors like orange, green, yellow, black and many more

Wondering what the psychology behind the colors that would influence the users is?

Worry not. We got you covered with the psychological concept behind colors.

Logo Colors Psychology

Usually, to most people, the brand colour of any product makes people influential and reactive.

This assessment can change consumers’ moods from positive to negative or vice versa.

The brand’s colors play an essential role in making consumers understand the attitude and the line of products & services the company provides.

For example – Country Delight

Country Delight: This is an Eco-friendly company which manufactures milk products and delivers packages to the consumer’s doorstep.

So, What is their product? It’s milk products.

How is it produced? Without using chemicals.

In general, all over the world, people think if it’s eco-friendly, then the colour is green, and if it’s fresh, then the colour is blue. 

So this means that they provide fresh eco-friendly milk products to consumers.

Still, if you are slightly confused about color psychology, let me provide you with the meaning of all the standard colors.

So if you are the manufacturer or the consumer, you will be able to understand the colors and will be able to act accordingly.

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7 Secret Meaning Behind Logo Colors

Here is the list of secret meaning behind logo colors

1. Purple 

The common association with purple is Authentic, Luxurious, High Quality, Spiritual, Royalty and Magic.

This colour usually fills the consumer’s mindset with imaginative wisdom. So, if you think what would induce in the minds of the consumer if it was a logo? Then here it is!

Purple Logo Meaning

For brands who want to project the power of royalty, purple is the top choice.

This colour means creating an illusionistic view of the brand and launching high quality.

Purple is somewhat of an uncommon colour used to create brand logos. But express the meaning of the company unconventionally and extravagantly.

Here are a few examples of using Purple in the brand logo,

Purple Logo Meaning

2. Orange

The common association with the colour Orange is Energy, Warmth, Creativity, Vitality, Happiness and Prosperity.

It shows an active emotion when mixed with red and yellow. Orange is an excellent brand colour that elicits the meaning of happiness.

This colour is best suited for travel companies and food industries. It projects to be an excellent presentation of the call to action.

Orange Logo Meaning

The colour orange stimulates the feeling of happiness, craving for hunger, and emotional energies like understanding and compassion.

In the food industry, the fruit orange creates an immense need. This is why restaurants and juice industries patronise on colour orange so much. 

Here are a few examples of orange in brand logos.

Orange Logo Meaning

3. Green

Common associations with green are Clean, Eco-friendly, Fresh, Natural, Healthy and Money.

It is usually associated with any product or service that is eco-friendly and fresh. Usually, hypermarkets and beverage industries use green as their brand identity.

The darker/lighter shades of green are usually associated with security and safety. Pharmaceutical companies and security companies use this type of green.

Green Logo Meaning

The colour green stimulates freedom, fertility and energy and the feel of the environment.

Green is also a status symbol of ambition and rapid growth. It has the energy to show healing effects both emotionally and physically.

It is an ideal background for human eyes and suits any colour.

Here are a few examples of Green coloured logos

Green Logo Meaning

4. Red 

Common associations with the red are Aggressive, Proactive, Pure and Absorbing attention.

This is the warmest colour of all colors. It projects fire and warmth.

Using red colour in the brand can attract the attention of the customer. This red colour is used by many famous brands in the food, sports, and racing industries.

Red Logo Meaning

The initial observation of the red logo stimulates the power of aggression, excitement, boost, and liveliness.

It has a depth association with human blood. That being said, it creates an urge and force to respire in the industry.

Here are a few examples of red-coloured logos

Red Logo Meaning

5. Yellow

The common association with yellow color is Brightness, Slow, Caution, Blooming, Awaken and Get ready.

This is a color that can be seen from a far distance and get recognised.

A small example of this is Mcdonald’s. The color is closely associated with food and reduces the cost consciousness in the mind of the consumers.

Yellow Logo Meaning

Humans usually recognise the yellow colour as awakening.

The yellow light awakens all living creatures on earth. The logos make the consumer ready to shop or move with the company.

It shows the positive power of consumption. 

Here are a few examples of Yellow-coloured Logos.

Yellow Logo Meaning

6. Blue 

The common association with the colour blue is Calm, Serenity, Peace, Power, Essential and Loyal.

It looks attractive and is an attention grabber that is the same as yellow and red. The colour is usually liked by both men and women worldwide. 

Blue Logo Meaning

Whenever a person views a blue, they feel endless opportunities. Including blue in the logo projects the brand to be professional and logical. It builds a sense of trust, safety and refresh.

This colour can be used for any business. It is the best colour for any brand.

Here are a few examples of Blue Coloured Logos

Blue Logo Meaning

7. Black 

The common association with the colour black is Elegant, Glamour, Simple, Authentic and Mysterious.

It is suitable for any colour and has the power to control all the colour’s outlook.

Most brands that want to become & have been popular have black logos. It simply shows a sense of attitude. 

Black Logo Meaning

Black showcases classics and desires to purchase.

The colour logo can create serious exclusiveness in the minds of the consumer. This is also a colour which can be used for any industry.

Here are a few examples of Black Coloured Logo,

Black Logo Meaning

The above were all the colors that are used in logos. But here are a few best colors for business logos.

I hope, You know D Secret meaning behind logo colors now with a better understanding.

Lucky Colors for Business Logos

The most famous logos used in business are Red, Yellow and Blue.

Blue is a representation of freshness and peace; red is the representation of purification and love; yellow is the representation of caution and awakening. 

I prefer you to take 2 or 3 colors for a logo. The color selection depends on your brand’s audience and the products/services you are offering. 

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Understand all the secret meaning behind logo colors mentioned above.

Before making any decisions, look into the products/services you sell.

Always think about the emotions you will implement in the consumers’ minds. It’s not only about the colors but also about the shapes you include in the logo.

So, all the best in creating your new logo!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the color of a logo mean?

It depends on the emotions and association with products that project the idea of business through the colors and shapes of the logo.

What is the hidden meaning of a logo?

The hidden message represents the history of logos and insights into the product’s origin.

What do brand symbols mean?

It is a visual characteristic of the brand that recognises products and services.

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