The Different Types of Applications Software

Types of Applications Software

Key Takeaways

  • Learn types of application software. 
  • Explore and research the different types of applications software that you can use according to your needs before settling on one.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest software releases so that you can stay on top of your game.
  • If you are a beginner, start with downloading free software to learn the basics and then become a pro because basics are always key.

Learning about different types of application software and system software is CS101 for anyone looking to explore the world of computer science. 

When computers first came out, my parents only knew how to switch it on, while I was busy slamming the keyboard and tapping away like I knew it all! 

Software is the interface that connects the hardware and the end-user. Without software, a computer would just be pieces of plastic and metal. 

In other words, it would be the modus operandi of the computer, by accepting tasks and executing them in milliseconds over and over again according to the requirements of the user.

 Now let’s look at what application software is and the role it plays in a computer. 

What is Application Software?

Bear with me as I try to explain myself by going back to the pizza. Now that we have the base of the pizza, the exploding flavours after the first bite would exist based on what goes on top, right?

Similarly, Application Software provides the graphical user interface or GUI to run more complex and specific actions by the computer for the end-user.

These actions might be as simple as opening a web browser like Google Chrome and sending an email for the end-user but it involves a lot of complex coding on the back end to make it happen.

Application software can range from helping the user perform the most simple tasks like opening a notepad to collaborating and creating stunning visuals using complex applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or even making movies on a Macbook using Final Cut Pro!

 There are different types of application software that cater to users who work in different fields.

Types of Applications Software

By this point (if you’re still reading) you know that I love pizzas, haha! The more important question now would be to pick the favourite one… It has never been easy for me to be honest!   

Today, people have endless choices, when it comes to diving into a wide spectrum of professional arenas based on their interests and passions with application software evolving on the side to make sure that the right set of tools exists to make life easier.

Application software can be segregated based on the specific requirement of the end-user.

Let’s take a look at the most simple and basic type of application software that is used by millions of people all over the world.

Web browsers

Web browsers act as an interface that provides access to the end-user to surf through the internet. The most commonly used web browsers today happen to be Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Along with being seamlessly accessible, they also happen to have additional features like extension tools that help in optimising the user experience while sifting through various websites and storing important data like usernames and passwords.

Moving on, let’s look at what graphics software is and its tools that can create almost anything! 

Graphics Software

Graphics software is a broad term that comprises a group of programs that are used to manipulate objects, images and videos in 2D and 3D. Allow me to take you through the series of different graphics application softwares that are relevant and trending in 2022.

Okay, so I’m going to make this easier by giving a brief explanation on what each software can be used for 🙂

1. Abode Creative Cloud

This creative suite or package of graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and so on have the tools to do almost anything and everything when it comes to manipulating images, designing UX/UI prototypes, editing videos, audio and making illustrations with motion graphics, also available across all digital devices. 

2. Autodesk Maya

If you’re looking to dive into animation and motion graphics in specific I would personally recommend Autodesk Maya to anyone as it covers the entire spectrum from character creation to making animated movies from scratch. 

Maya can be a bit complicated for someone who is new to this particular field for which I would recommend starting with a simpler application like Blender which is also free to download.

3. Autodesk AutoCAD

This particular graphics application software can be utilised to create 2D and 3D architectural drawings mostly for professionals in the construction and architecture industry. 

I’m pretty sure big multinational corporations don’t store their data or information in sacks and place those sacks in warehouses. That wouldn’t be wise right? Let’s look at the software they actually use to store their data.

Database Application Software

What if I told you there are companies that store terabytes (it’s literally a truckload of information) of data on a daily basis and can access a particular file or folder that was stored 10 years ago, in seconds?

Yes. RDBMS or Relational Database Management Systems exist for this very reason, wherein users can store, read, compare and manipulate data whenever, however, and from wherever they want.

Softwares like Oracle MySQL and MongoDB are mostly used by professionals.

If you’re an aspiring developer or are already one then you might want to read through the next section of this blog!

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Program Development Software

This is basically a software/platform for developers to code and write computer programs, websites, mobile apps and so on.

The ideal environment for this type of software does exist and it’s called Microsoft Visual Studio where developers can come together, code in different languages and create almost any program or software application they wish to for all devices. 

It is also available for most operating systems today.

Other simpler types of freely downloadable interactive development environments that can be used by beginners are Sublime Text and Microsoft Code Studio to create websites from scratch.

All this typing has brought me to tell you about the word processing softwares that I use as a content writer.

Word Processing Software

As I write this blog that will be published by the time you read it, I am using Microsoft Word which is a word processing application software that can edit, format, organise, manipulate and even make presentations with the tools in any way you like.

Microsoft Office has always been the light and saviour of many people for decades now and it still continues to do so, with an integrated software menu for students and professionals to write words and numbers, put them into various formats like tables, graphs, presentations, calendars and even contacts.

If you think they’re too expensive to purchase, the ideal alternative would be to use Google Workspace as it is completely free and accessible from anywhere!  

Now let’s dive into the types of education application software and take a look.

Education Application Software

As a graduate, I feel lucky that I got to experience school before the pandemic hit and made students study from home and working professionals yell over video calls. 

The sole mission of software developers has always been to perfect the indoors so that people don’t necessarily have to exert themselves by stepping out for certain things.

Education Application Software like Google Classroom for students where they can interact with teachers over video calls and schedule assignments, Pro Profs, Zoom and Microsoft Teams for professionals to conduct meetings with as many employees as they want. 

These applications have become massively popular since 2020 and have stayed the same throughout because of their features and simple design making it user-friendly for people of all ages.

Benefits of Applications Software

  1. Application software is written by the developers to meet the specific needs of the users when it comes to performing tasks. 
  1. There are different types of application software that cater to users who work in different fields.
  1. Occasional updates are created and sent by the developers for licenced software used by professionals that may include improvements and advanced features that did not exist previously but are required in that particular field.
  1. Security threats are at a minimum as long as the attacking party does not possess authorised access to the back end of the application software.
  1. Businesses that are recognized can have custom access to tools by registering as an enterprise and also have confined control over monitoring their data.  

 Here is a simple explanation of what system software is and how it plays a major role.

What is System Software?

Well, in my opinion, a pizza without a base cannot be called a pizza at all.

System software, similar to the crunchy base of a pizza, contains programs that run the computer and acts like an interface between the hardware and the end-user by itself. 

The numerous operating systems of devices today like Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android OS can be stated as examples of system software.

In short, it behaves like a platform for other applications across all digital devices. 

The system software also includes File Management Systems, anti-virus softwares and Disk Operating Systems as well.

Below are a few technical facts about system software that you should know.

Some technical facts about System Software

  1. System software is usually coded in a low-level programming language that can only be read and processed by the hardware.
  1. The processing speed of system software is high as it is required to compute various tasks and calculations from different hardware across the board and at the same time.
  1. System software is generally hard to mess with or change as it is written in machine language 
  1. The entire hassle of creating system software would be termed a nightmare as it requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding of hardware and machine language.

Now let’s look at what application software is and the role it plays in a computer. 

The time has come for me to get to what I’ve been trying to convey to you all along with a short conclusion.


Wow! That was a lot to read through if you actually read through it and my fingers are almost out of breath here! Haha! 

I hope you found this blog helpful in some way when it comes to learning about what software is and how to pick the right software for the job based on your requirements.

There are an infinite number of options out there today and it is hard to make your pick but, patience and comfort are key when it comes to choosing the right tools that help you make the job easier and effortless.

Some FAQs and answers have been listed below for you to go through if you might have the same or similar questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software should I use as a musician to edit and render vocals?

If you are a professional musician then Adobe Audition (Windows) or Final Cut Pro (macOS) would be the right choice.

If you are a beginner then Audacity is the way to go as it is free, simple and easy to use.

Should I keep updating my software when prompted?

Yes, it is important to regularly update any software as it may contain new features and bug fixes.

Is using free software better than paid ones?

Free software is useful while starting out but using paid software is a good investment if it is used on a daily basis and for professional purposes. 

It will be packed with additional features that might not be available in the free versions.

What does an anti-virus software do?

Anti-virus softwares like Mcafee and Avast can be used to prevent virus attacks that might be harmful to the device as well as the data on it. 

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