What is the Importance of HTTPS?

What is the Importance of HTTPS

Most people search on the World Wide Web for information. But have you ever wondered what HTTPS is for?

HTTPS is for having a secure connection for any website or search engine. You might know what HTTPS is and its complete form, right?

Not to worry, I will discuss the meaning, and the difference between HTTPS and HTTP and what is the importance of HTTPS!

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol secure, meaning that the protected version sent from HTTP is the primary protocol between the web browser or website and the users.

It is encrypted to provide security for data transfer. This is used when logging into a bank account/when using email services for a company or your email.

For Example:

This is what it looks like when you log in to your email account, i.e. in the search bar.


This means that your email is completely secure from any hackers or viruses.

Now you might be confused between HTTP and HTTPS.

Let me give you the difference in the table form to make you understand easily.

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What is the difference between HTTPS and HTTP?

Full FormHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureHypertext Transfer Protocol
URL Begins with https://http://
Port Number For Communication44380
Works as Transport LayerApplication Layer
EncryptionPresent Absent
CertificatesSSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificates requiredNo certificates required
Search RankingImproves search rankingDoes not help for search ranking
SpeedSlowFaster than HTTPS

Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS

Advantages of HTTPS:

  1. Even if the hackers hack the information sent through HTTPS, the data cannot be misused or deleted because it is encrypted, which means its highly secure.
  2. The users’ information is not saved in the person’s space but is held in the search engine encrypted server. So, the user’s information is not at risk.
  3. HTTPS users have an SSL certificate to ensure that their client’s or customers’ information is not being sold to invalid websites. The certificate they carry is highly valued and mentions all the company’s policies. This acts as trust in the minds of clients.
  4. Have you seen a padlock beside the “HTTP://” – this means that it is secure to send any information to anyone. 
  5. If the business is attached to HTTPS, then it has the power to rank high on Google. HTTPS website usually deals with transactions, logins, and change of passwords.

Disadvantages of HTTPS:

  1. SSL certification is expensive, however, you can create it for free on your sites, but no one values it.
  2. Even if you buy the SSL certificate, it will show that it’s not secure because the images or videos taken will not be secure. The dialogue box on the user’s page will show, “it’s not secure.” I got a solution for this – Design your own images for the video to avoid this.
  3. Firewalls and antivirus software block HTTPS websites.
  4. If any problem occurs in the configuration, the files get downloaded from HTTP, not HTTPS.
  5. If the HTTPS uses multiple connections, then there can be a high latency problem for the website user.

Does Google require HTTPS?

Google is forcing all business websites to buy SSL certificates, so it has become the most trusted search engine in the world.

For this current generation, the standard of living of people depends on Internet, this is a dominating trend – security for the website is the utmost necessity.

Google has stated, “It will ban all the websites which are not secure and encrypted.”

If you have a website that is not secure and encrypted, this is how it looks.

Not only does Google need SSL certificates even the clients/customers need them. If you have a website and don’t have an SSL certificate, then it is the right time to contact us immediately.

You must have understood the necessity of HTTPS and SSL certificates. It’s also essential to know the importance of HTTPS entirely.

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What is the Importance of HTTPS?

  • HTTPS gives quality assurance to the customers that the website is safe and secure.
  • HTTPS has the power to secure all IDs, passwords, personal details, card details, and many more.
  • Google has favoured a secure website to rank on its search engine.
  • In HTTPS, there is an AMP feature, which shows the customers that the website has low bounce rates and page load time, is mobile friendly, and has a high capability of SEO optimization.
  • If you have an unsecured website, the customers tend to interact less with that link. A secure website increases CTR. Having an unsecured website can decrease the CTR rate as well as the ranking rate.


I hope you got all the information about HTTPS.

If you are planning to build a website and want to have secured website SSL certificates, Then it’s time to meet our executives for a safe and secure website. 

Let me know if you think I need to include a few other topics that would interest others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is HTTPS necessary?

Let’s say you are asking for personnel information and card details, and then it is necessary to have a secure website. If you have a static website and asking for an email address, then you might not need HTTPS.

2. What if there is no HTTPS?

If there is no HTTPS, then your sensitive/personnel information would scatter across the internet, and your data would probably get into the wrong hands. I mean, you would be at a significant threat.

3. Can HTTPS be decrypted?

Yes, HTTPS can be decrypted, but the website’s unique URLs help keep it safe and secure. But you should know whether the website is encrypted or decrypted. The data will be stored in IWSVA Server.

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